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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make donation?
You have to register yourself if you are making a donation for the first time. However, having registered once, you may login with your set of credentials.
What happens in the eventuality of death/discontinuation of treatment in the case of patient/patients specific donations?
The balance amount of donation will be used by the institution for the treatment of other patient/patients suffering from Rare Diseases.
Would the health status update be available in case of patient specific donations?
Yes, only periodically when the major milestones are achieved during the course of treatment, the health status update would be available.
What happens in case the patient specific donation is more than the amount required for the treatment of that patient?
The surplus fund shall be utilized towards the treatment of other patients suffering from Rare Diseases.
I have more questions, who do I write to?
Under Secretary:-
Rare Disease Division
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Nirman Bhawan, Maulana Azad Road
New Delhi 110001. Ph 011-23061731.

Payment related Queries

What all types of donations can I make?
You are allowed to donate the amount directly to institution/s or you can select and make patient-specific donations. However, all donated funds are deposited in an earmarked Rare Disease fund of the institution concerned. Your patient-specific donations will be used for the treatment of that particular patient out of the Rare Disease fund.
Does the donated amount reach the individual directly in case of patient specific donation?
No, the donated fund shall remain in the Rare Disease fund of the institution concerned. The same shall, however, be utilized for the treatment of the specific patient.
Is my donation Secure?
Yes, the portal features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Not only are your online payments safe, the fund donated is also maintained securely in a dedicated bank account of the institution concerned.
Are there any minimum requirements to make a Donation?
No,there isn’t any minimum cap for making donations. However, in case of making a donation through the Net Banking mode a few banks require a minimum threshold of Rs. 50/-to process the payment.
Is it possible to make donations through an International Credit Card?
Yes, donations can be made using an international credit card.
What all Payment modes are available for making donations?
The following options are available to make donations:
  1. Credit Card (Including International Credit Cards)
  2. Debit Card
  4. Net Banking
  5. Wallet, and [Airtel Money, Payzapp, Mobikwik, OLA Money, Free Charge]
  6. UPI [All UPI ID’s are acceptable]